Regulatory Compliance

Sr. No. Nature/Type Of Compliance Link
1 Performance Audit & Communication System
2 Communication Plant Availability of HP Stations
3 Energy Schedule of The Himachal Pradesh
4 Open Access (Intra & Inter) Generation report
5 The records of the Deviation Accounts on weekly basis
6 List of application where approval for connectivity granted by HPSLDC .
7 Transmission / distribution charges and applicable transmission losses.
8 Separate lists for long-term access and medium-term open access
9 List of application, separately for long-term access and medium-term open Access, received by the nodal agency along with necessary details.
10 The Himachal Pradesh Electricity Commission (Short-Term Open Access) Regulations-2010
11 Transmission constraints
12 Major Generation and Transmission outages
13 Voltage profile: The voltage profile of 66 kV and above Substations
14 Frequency profile: Maximum and minimum frequency recorded daily on 15 minutes time block basis and also average frequency during peak, off-peak and normal period;
15 URS Procedure
16 Monthly Energy Accounting
17 Detail on late payment surcharge/interest
18 Deviation Pool Status (Monthly / Weekly / Half- Yearly/ Annually)
19 Monthly Grid Distribution report
20 Merit Order Dispatch and interest on late payment
21 Line availability
22 Telemetry report on a detail basis
23 Available Transmission capability (ATC)/ Total Transmission capability (TTC)
24 Transmission / Wheeling charges and applicable transmission / distribution losses (Weekly, monthly, Annual)
25 Detailed procedure for integration of power system elements (Grid Code provisions)
26 Operating Procedure
27 List of important Grid elements