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List Of Registered Entity With SLDC

Sr. No. Unique Code Entity Name Entity Type
1 0001-DISCOM Himachal Pradesh State Electricity Board Ltd. DISCOM
2 0011-DOE Government of Himachal Pradesh GOVT. OF HP
3 0402-OAC UltraTech Cement Limited Unit- Bagheri CONSUMER
4 0403-OAC Ambuja Cements Limited, Unit - Suli CONSUMER
5 0404-OAC Amba-Metals CONSUMER
6 0405-OAC Ambuja Cement Ltd. (Unit- Rauri) CONSUMER
7 0406-OAC Ambuja Cement Ltd. (Unit- Nalagarh) CONSUMER
8 0407-OAC Birla Textile Mills (A Unit of SutlejTextiles and Industries Ltd.) CONSUMER
9 0408-OAC H.M. Steels Ltd. CONSUMER
10 0409-OAC Indorama Industries Ltd. CONSUMER
11 0410-OAC INOX Air Products Ltd. CONSUMER
12 0411-OAC JB Rolling Mills Ltd. CONSUMER
13 0412-OAC UltraTech Cement Limited Unit- Baga Cement Works CONSUMER
14 0413-OAC Pasupati Spinning and Weaving Mills Ltd. CONSUMER
15 0414-OAC Su-Kam Power Systems Ltd. CONSUMER
16 0415-OAC Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. CONSUMER
17 0416-OAC Winsome Textile Industries Ltd (Unit-I) CONSUMER
18 0417-OAC Dr.Reddys Laboratories Limited Formulation Baddi-I CONSUMER
19 0418-OAC Dr.Reddys Laboratories Limited Formulation Baddi -II CONSUMER
21 0420-OAC Winsome Textile Industries Ltd (Unit-II) CONSUMER
22 0401-OAC M/s ACC Ltd., Gagal Cement Works, Barmana CONSUMER
23 1201-OAG M/S Integrated Kashang HEP (3X65 MW), HPPCL GENRATOR
24 1202-OAG M/S Yogindera Power Ltd GENRATOR
25 1203-OAG M/S Nanti Hydro Power Pvt Ltd GENRATOR
26 1204-OAG M/S Sandhya Hydro Power Projects Balargha Pvt Ltd GENRATOR
27 1205-OAG M/S I A Hydro Energy Private Limited(Chanju-3x12MW) GENRATOR
28 1206-OAG M/S Baragarh Hydro Power Co Pvt. Ltd. Prini. GENRATOR
29 1207-OAG Malana Power Company Ltd GENRATOR
30 1208-OAG M/S Goodwill Energy Enterprises GENRATOR
31 1210-OAG M/s Suryakanta Hydro Energies Pvt. Ltd GENRATOR
32 1212-OAG M/s Taranda Hydro Power Pvt. Ltd. GENRATOR
33 1211-OAG M/s Everest Power Pvt. Ltd (Malana-II HEP -- 2*50 MW) GENRATOR
34 1209-OAG Kanchanjunga Power Company Pvt. Ltd. (Baragaon-3x8 MW) GENRATOR